self fusing tape

self fusing butyl tapeself amalgamating tape
self fusing tapeself fusing tape

self amalgamating tape
 Self Fusing Rubber Insulation Tape



self fusing butyl tape

Product Description

 BRISEAL-HV69K is highly conformable, non-vulcanizing, non-drying, self fusing; EPR based High Voltage Insulation & Splicing Tape. It has excellent electrical & physical properties. It can be used for insulation of High Voltage power cables upto 69,000 Volts (69KV). BRISEAL maintains very tight & void free insulation which is resistant to moisture penetration and thus ensure electrical stability. BRISEAL also dampens vibrations thus prevents loosening of cable joints and ensure longer cable life. BRISEAL can be applied in stretched or un-stretched conditions without any loss of electrical properties.

 Product Features

*       Self Fusing and Self Amalgamating primary insulating Tape rated through 69 KV.

*self fusing tape       Excellent Electrical and Physical Properties.

*       Excellent Thermal Stability over wide temperature range.

*       Excellent Moisture Resistant and Corrosion Resistant,

*       Excellent Weather Resistant  and Vibration Dampner.

*       Excellent Ozone, UV and Corona Resistant.

*      Compatible with all solid dielectric Cables of HDPE, LDPE, XLP, PVC,   Butyl Rubber etc.

*    Designed to insulate Splices & Terminate Cables whose emergency    overload temperatures can reach upto 130°C.

*       Suitable for Indoor as well as Outdoor Applications.

*       Easy Application and Long Shelf Life.

Recommended Uses and Applications

 *       For Insulation & Jacketing of all solid dielectric Power Cables upto 69000 volts (69KV)

*       For moisture sealing of electrical connections.

*       For cable jacket repairs and restoration.

*       For Insulation and protection of Bus Bar and its components.

*       For Weatherproofing of RF Connectors and Cables in Tele-communication Industry.

*       For End Sealing of High Voltage Cables (In Cable Jointing and Splicing Kits).

*       In Power Distribution and Power Transmission Cables



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